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Many motorists who use the Motorways search in vain for a good pub, hotel or restaurant which is just 5 minutes off a motorway junction, for coffee, a pit-stop or meal and peaceful break.

Hugh Cantlie has solved this need by personally visiting every entry in the guide over the years and selecting only those which matched his personal criteria of a friendly welcome, good food and a cheerful atmosphere.

Many of them have bedrooms so are handy places to stay near a motorway and mention is made if they are a children and dog friendly country pub.

Filling Stations on roads from the motorways are shown for cheaper fuel and there is a list of nearby Places of Interest to visit after a leisurely meal.

Drivers with trailers or caravans are advised whether they can park and sportsmen with their equipment are welcome as it should be more secure.

The updated e-book version of the 11th edition available here will be current over the summer and autumn.

Near the Motorways is indeed the definitive guide to motorways for attractive alternatives to Service Stations.




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